Greetings from Boston, where the Paperback Tour 2002 has begun, and where I am staying in what has got to be the greatest hotel room ever.

I took the train from Philadelphia -- a nice long ride, very quiet after Metro Park, and I got lots of work done on revising IN HER SHOES. I took a cab to the hotel. "We've put you in a suite," says the nice lady at the reception desk. Cool, say I. Well, the suite is gee-normous. The bathroom alone is about the size of my living room. Plus, it has a bidet, a feature my kitchen lacks.

And then I walk into the living room and there's a couch and floor-to-ceiling windows and a huge bookcase full of books. Good books, too! Sue Miller, Christopher Rice, Anita Diamant, T.C. Boyle. And all of the books are signed by the authors.

Just as I'm deciding what to read tonight and puzzling over how to get a spare copy of GOOD IN BED, there's a knock on the door, and a woman comes in with a lovely plate of cheese and fruit and a copy of my book, and a note from the manager welcoming me to the Author's Suite. Sweet!

So I signed the book, and I ate the cheese and some grapes and raspberries and I'm looking through all of the books. So far I can assure you that Sue Miller has much nicer handwriting than I do. Will report on the bidet tomorrow.