Dallas rocks.

I mean, seriously! There's killer Mexican food. A Nordstrom where everything I tried on looked great. A Neiman-Marcus right down the street from my hotel. A fun author escort who doesn't mind eating Mexican food with me, or taking me shopping. Life is good.

Oh, and also, GOOD IN BED hit the extended NYT bestseller list! It's number 29, with a bullet!

Okay, maybe no bullet. But it's very exciting news. Making that list is an especially big deal, because most of the books that do are mass-market paperbacks that retail for a mere 6.99, as opposed to my opus, which costs....well, more.

Today was great. Kathleen, said fabulous author escort, picked me up. We did TV. The producer says, "You're a natural!" I thought, whoo-hoo!

Then we did drop-ins. First stop -- a Barnes & Noble, where they have only eight books left, and where staffers buy four of them, with personalized inscriptions, while raving about how much they adored the book.

And that was kind of how it went today -- happy bookstore visits, news of book doing well, signing copies, Mexican food for lunch, another TV taping, more bookstore visits, phone call to check messages at home, exciting news from editor in re: bestseller list, trip to afreomentioned Nordstrom for outfit for reading in the Waldenbooks in Hurst, where the store's assistant manager told me they'd sold 50 (!) copies of the hardcover -- a truly astonishing tally, considering that nobody I know or am related to lives in Texas.

The reading itself attracted a small crowd of really cool readers -- women who brought their hardcovers for me to sign, and who keep up with the blogspot, and who've read the first chapter of IN HER SHOES (and you have, too, right?) Among them was Michelle, who works at another Barnes & Noble, and took the time to go to another bookstore to have her book signed. So after that, we returned the favor, and drove to her store to sign her stock.

And now I'm back in my hotel room, struggling to stay connected to the internet on a telephone line that doesn't seem to like me much. If I haven't responded to your email, it's not that I haven't gotten it, it's that I'm not around much, and when I am this connection is so darn slow that doing anything takes excruciating amounts of time. Tomorrow I'm flying to Austin, where hopefully things will be better, internet-wise.