Oh, heavens. It's happened. GOOD IN BED has been -- eek! -- remaindered on amazon.com.

I'm telling myself not to panic. The paperback's coming out any minute now, and so of course stores are trying to get rid of the handful of hardcovers they've got left (and it's only a handful, right? Couldn't be more than a handful, could it?)

So anyhow. I relate this information not as further evidence of my own obsessive pathetic state, but as a service to you, my fans and family members -- if you want a dirt-cheap hardcover copy of a book hailed as funny, wise and true by people other than my Mom, here's where to go.

And once you're done shopping, click here to read "The Book of My Enemy Has Been Remaindered." by Clive James. It ends like this:

"Soon now a book of mine could be remaindered also,
Though not to the monumental extent
In which the chastisement of remaindering has been meted out
To the book of my enemy,
Since in the case of my own book it will be due
To a miscalculated print run, a marketing error--
Nothing to do with merit.
But just supposing that such an event should hold
Some slight element of sadness, it will be offset
By the memory of this sweet moment.
Chill the champagne and polish the crystal goblets!
The book of my enemy has been remaindered
And I am glad."

Check it out, yo.

Last thing: the recommended reading list. Lately I've enjoyed See Jane Date and Milkrun, both Red Dress Ink books, and The Perfect Elizabeth, which I didn't pick up until after I'd finished my own sister saga. I re-read Stephen King's Desperation and The Regulators, in preparation for the release of Everything's Eventual (ooh, can't wait), and I re-read Born Bad and Strega, because I dig Andrew Vachss. I just ordered Stranger Things Happen by Kelly Link on the strength of a rave on Salon.com, and The Eyre Affair, which sounds faboo. I'm also eagerly awaiting Nicholas Christopher's latest, Franklin Flyer.