I'm back!

Unfortunately, I'm back without much to say. I know I'm supposed to have all kinds of snarky comments about the Oscars -- or at least about the dresses people wore at the Oscars -- but the truth is, I had to take a 5:14 a.m. train on Monday morning to give a speech in Connecticut, so I was asleep long before all the Halle Berry hoopla. I did like her dress, though. And I'm semi-bummed that A Beautiful Mind won Best Picture, because I thought it wasn't much more than an after-school special with great acting and a mixed, possibly dangerous message ("Schizophrenics of the world! Throw your medication aside and be healed! Ignore those pesky delusions! Win valuable Nobel prizes!")

So where have I been, you ask? New York (which was last Thursday and Friday -- shopping, lunches, parties); King of Prussia (the Hugh O'Brian Youth Forum. Our topic was "Is the media biased?" My answer was, "And how!"); and Connecticut (Monday and today). Now I've just got to finish up IN HER SHOES, get myself together for Paperback Tour 2002, survive two seders (one of which Adam and I are hosting), and my birthday. I'll be 32. It doesn't feel especially momentous. Then again, when I turned 30 I was busy putting the finishing touches on GOOD IN BED, and when I turned 31 I was panicking about GOOD IN BED actually being a real book, available in places other than my computer, and trying to anticipate my first book tour and plan a wedding, all at once. So 32 feels relatively uneventful. We'll see, I guess.

Oh, and also, I watched The Bachelor last night, at home with my Mom and my Nanna and my brother Joe Weiner. (Nanna: "I can't believe how these women are degrading themselves! Mom: "Why are we watching this?" Joe: "Jenny, you'd never get on this show." Me: "Why?" Joe: "Because you're married.") Truly, I feel soiled. And, alas, addicted.