Well, I did it.

On Friday afternoon, I took a deep breath, pressed the "send" key, and sent IN HER SHOES (otherwise known as Book Two) hurtling through cyberspace toward my editor's in-box. Ever since then I've been vacillating between happy tranquility (yay! I finished the book! Whoo-hoo!) and total, unadulterated black panic -- that condition described so well by the brilliant Anne Lamott, wherein you sit around envisioning your editor in her office, laughing hysterically, pausing only to wipe tears from her eyes, email inadvertantly hysterical passages to her friends, and place frantic calls to the lawyers trying to figure out whether they can get the advance back.

Lots of writers are notorious for being their own harshest critics, and it turns out I'm not exception. The instant I pressed the "send" key, my inner voice started shouting "Too long! Not funny! Boring, unsympathetic characters! Wildly improbable plot! Also, your hair looks weird!" (My inner voice doesn't always focus real well).

So I'm probably going to be on tenterhooks for the next few days. And I've decided that it would be bad to be on tenterhooks at home, because I'd sit by the phone, or by the computer, willing my editor to call me, and imagining all sorts of doomsday scenarios. So I'm writing this from the Independence branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia, where there are lots of computers, plenty of magazines, and a well-thumbed copy of GIB sitting on the "new fiction" shelf. (I might have to get up shortly and go pimp the book).

In the good news/bad news department....just to add to my ongoing ball o' neuroses, GOOD IN BED got a bad reader review on the Barnes & Noble website the very day after my Elizabeth Wurtzel review ran. Oh, I hate it when karma works that fast!

And....GOOD IN BED, and this weblog, got a very nice mention on this very cool website. Check it out!