Oscar nominations are out. My thoughts:

(1) Sean freakin' Penn!??! He's turning into the male Meryl Streep. I hope Gene Hackman's filing a police report right this minute, because he was robbed.

(2) Yay Renee Zellweger! It's nice to see the Academy honoring comedy, even though she's a long, long, long shot. Message: weight gain equals honors. This can only augur well for the big-screen future of my work.

(3) I was glad to see Moulin Rouge get the nod (and just as glad to see the war-porn of Blackhawk Down get ignored).

(4) I was surprised about Gosford Park -- it was fun, I enjoyed it, but it felt kind of slight compared to the rest of the field. And why no Shrek, which for me was the most enjoyable movie of the year? I hope Maggie Smith wins for Best Supporting -- she was so wonderfully arch in Gosford Park, I just smiled every time I saw her.

(5) Finally, for best supporting actor, I am just plain mystified at Jon Voight's nomination, especially since John Turturro was by far the superior Cosell this year. But Ben Kingsley is the Gratist Villain Evir, and I so hope he wins. He'll have to turn that opportunity YES!