Hey, the paperback is here!

Okay, it won't be in bookstores for another few weeks yet. But I have in my hot little hands (actually, sitting next to me), a brand-new, hot-of-the-presses copy of the paperback edition of GOOD IN BED. It looks just gorgeous. Same cover, only now festooned with laudatory quotes. Nice shape, nice heft. And a little note from me in the back! (Which basically says that I'm hard at work on the next book, here's my website, read chapter soon, blah blah and blah). And the official readers' guide. Plus a Q and A from me in which I talk about writing the book, women, weight, the whole Clinton/Lewinsky mess (and doesn't that feel like it happened in another lifetime?), and the almighty pain of divorce.

So of course I'm having major second thoughts about it -- like, did I have to go into so much detail about my breakup? And my family? Ack. But, I guess, there's two schools of thought here. You can be a mysterious author, who dedicates her books "To D.H.," and doesn't even write an acknowledgement, or you can be a put-it-all-out-there author who thanks everyone who she's ever met in the acknowledgements and is all too happy to blab about her love life, writing habits, and emotionally distant father (and then keeps a weblog where she talks about her current pop-culture fascinations, favorite TV show, and what her dog's been up to). Or you can be somewhere in the middle. Which is where I'll strive to wind up. Some day.