Random thoughts on Sunday night...

1. I love Project Greenlight. Chris Moore -- he's every bad boyfriend any woman's ever had! (My favorite Chris Moore scene is when he stops himself, mid-rant, to say, 'Well, I have to go now. My wife's having a baby.' Is that consideration or what?)

Also, Sex and the City was great tonight. Oh, poor Carrie. So sad when Aidan walked out. But four and a half bucks a word? Can't beat that with a stick!

2. Someone's selling a "collectible" edition of GOOD IN BED on amazon.com for $72 damn dollars. My mind is officially boggled. Highway robbery! For $72, don't you think I should come and wash your dishes, or help you with your tax returns, or something? If anyone's reading this and you want a signed copy, email me and I'll tell you where to send your book, and if you include postage I'll send it right back, and it won't cost you $72 damn dollars.

3. I'm going to New York tomorrow to, among other things, have dinner with my Finnish publishers. This news necessitated a mad scramble last week to add to my base of knowledge about all things Finnish. Okay, a mad scramble to build my base of knowledge about anything Finnish. But now I'm a force to be reckoned with. You want to talk about Nokia phones, long dark winters, and the pain of being occupied by the USSR, I'm your girl.

4. And Wednesday night I'm going to be at the Princeton Public Library. My triumphant return to the campus that spawned me! Well, not the campus, exactly. Still haven't been invited back there. This could possibly be as a result of the section in GOOD IN BED that described Princeton as looking like a very successful eugenics experiment (which, in my defense, it totally does). Anyhow, if you're a Princeton-area reader, and you want to meet me (and/or Jenny McPhee and Kathleen DeMarco, who are the authors of THE CENTER OF THINGS and THE CRANBERRY QUEEN, respectively). be there, at 8 p.m..