I SAW RUNNING MA... -- er, The Chamber -- with my jaw literally hanging open. This is horrible, horrible, bad, degrading, awful stuff -- literally, you get to watch people suffer physically in order to win cash prizes (and not even that much money, either. Seven thousand damn dollars for enduring incredible heat, air-cannon blasts and a painfully vibrating chair in your underwear? You'd have to pay me a lot more than that just to get me on TV in my underwear). And the funny thing is, I thought September 11 was supposed to have put paid to all of those decadent spectacles of the watch people fight! Watch couples cheat! Watch people dive into vats of worms and poisonous scorpions! variety. Didn't I read somewhere -- like, everywhere -- that what we hunger for now is intimate dramas, familiar comedies, shows that celebrate love and connection and the resiliency of the human heart?

And now we're watching something that's essentially a snuff film minus the finale? Sheesh. Embarrassing.